2024 Mercedes-AMG GT plug-in hybrid tipped for 800bhp

The new individual rear seats are limited in leg and headroom and are suitable for children only. They can be folded down to extend the nominal 321 litres of boot space underneath the cargo blind to up to 675 litres. By comparison, the old GT offered 285 litres, while the SL offers 213 litres.

The GT receives new aluminium double-wishbone AMG Active Ride Control suspension. It uses constantly variable electronic damping, steel coil springs and active roll stabilisation with hydraulic elements in place of conventional anti-roll bars to suppress body roll. Buyers can order an optional lift system offering an added 30mm of ground clearance.

The new coupé also adopts four-wheel steering as standard, with the rear wheels offering up to 2.5 degrees of steering angle. The brakes combine 390mm steel discs with six-piston aluminium callipers up front with 360mm steel discs and single piston floating aluminium callipers at the rear. 

A new AMG Dynamic Select controller offers the driver the choice of six driving modes – Slippery, Comfort, Sport, Sport+ and Race – and the AMG Dynamics ESC system allows the driver to alter the level of intervention across three steps.

Mercedes-AMG GT first ride

Mercedes-AMG promises the new GT will be an old-school AMG, staying true to many of the brand’s traditional values and something that resonates strongly with enthusiasts. Speculation has only grown since AMG announced the new C192-generation model would be twinned with the latest SL.

So to find out if the 2023 car will be bigger and heavier, have its performance and character bound by ever-stricter emissions regulations and, perhaps, become less focused than the original, Autocar joined AMG’s new CEO, Michael Schiebe, for a ride in a near-finished prototype. 

“Before you ask, we’re only going to build it as a coupé,” he said, immediately.

“There is no shame in it sharing its DNA with the SL, which takes the roadster role in our portfolio.” The two AMG cars are based on the same Modular Sport Architecture platform, a lightweight spaceframe-style structure that uses a combination of aluminium, steel, magnesium and plastic composites.

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