7 of this week's most noteworthy health stories, in case you missed them

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Fox News Digital publishes a range of health pieces every day of the week to keep you up-to-date on the most important wellness news.

Cutting-edge medical research, breakthrough medications, mental health challenges, personal medical dramas and more are all covered.

In case you missed them, here are a few of the biggest health stories from this week.


As always, you can see a full list of recent health pieces at http://www.foxnews/health

Check out these seven key stories. 

1. Women have more dental health issues than men, experts say

Male and female teeth are very different, according to a viral TikTok posted by Dr. Ellie Phillips, DDS, an oral health educator in Texas. Phillips and other experts revealed the unique challenges women face when it comes to dental health. Click here to get the story.

woman gets her teeth checked at the dentist

Women’s salivary pH tends to fluctuate while men’s stays stable, according to a dental expert. (iStock)

2. Ozempic is found to have a surprise health benefit

Small doses of medication were shown to reduce the risk of kidney failure and kidney-related death, say researchers. Multiple doctors spoke to Fox News Digital about whether semaglutide will be prescribed for this purpose. Click here to get the story.

Ozempic pens

Semaglutide medications — including Ozempic and Wegovy — have been shown to reduce the risk of kidney failure and the risk of death among people with kidney disease and type 2 diabetes. (iStock)

3. Nurses speak out about what they wish they’d known

Six nurses in various specialties shared key lessons they learned in their high-stress health care jobs — and why it matters. Click here to get the story.

Nurses split

From left to right, Karie Ryan, Michele Acito, Katelynn Blackburn and Lisbeth Votruba are a few of the nurses who shared their experiences and insights with Fox News Digital. (iStock/Karie Ryan/Michele Acito/Katelynn Blackburn/Lisbeth Votruba)

4. Before eating wild game, read these meat safety guidelines

Eating undercooked meat from wild game animals, such as bear, can cause a rare illness known as trichinellosis, health officials warned. Experts discussed symptoms and prevention tips. Click here to get the story.

Six family members recently got sick after eating undercooked meat from a black bear (not pictured), as reported in the CDC's Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. 

Six family members recently got sick after eating undercooked meat from a black bear (not pictured), as reported in the CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report.  (iStock)

5. First NBA player with MS delivers inspiring message

Chris Wright, a former NBA player, spoke with Fox News Digital on camera about how he’s learned to view his diagnosis of multiple sclerosis as a “badge of honor.” Click here to get the story.

Chris Wright split

Chris Wright, 34, the first person with MS to play in the NBA, has been living with the disorder since his 2012 diagnosis. (Getty Images/Chris Wright)

6. Michigan mom shares warning signs after having a stroke at 39

Jenna Gibson detailed her near-death experience to raise awareness of young women’s risk — and a neurologist offered prevention tips.  Click here to get the story.

Jenna Gibson split

Nearly 60% of stroke deaths occur in women, according to a recent study by Mayo Clinic. Jenna Gibson, pictured here, is now aiming to help others be more aware of stroke warning signs and to prioritize their health. (Jenna Gibson)

7. These foods could help you sleep better, experts say

Eating more fruits and veggies could help support better sleep, new research suggests. Nutritionists offered insights on why certain foods lend themselves to more restful nights. Click here to get the story.

Weekend split 6-1

This week’s top stories focused on Ozempic, nurses’ burnout, women’s dental health, stroke warning signs — and more. Get fully caugh up here! (iStock)

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