A Day In The Life With Digby Cakes Founder, Louie Digby

Cakes are a universal symbol of celebration: birthdays, parties, anniversaries, really any happy milestone. But when Louie Digby first started baking custom cakes, it was a distraction from one of the darkest times of her life.

She’d just moved to London in search of a ‘breath of fresh air’ after losing her partner Nick to cancer in 2018. ‘It was unthinkable, and my world was shattered,’ Louie says.

With a background in marketing, she found a job at a digital agency and turned to baking as her creative outlet.

‘I’ve always been a very social person and love being part of a community. When Nick was unwell, we had a huge network of support people I will be forever grateful for,’ Louie adds.

‘When I moved to London I didn’t have the same network, but through cake, I found common ground with everyone. I started making cakes for friends and friends of friends from my tiny flat, baking at all hours around my full-time job.’

‘I realised my new hobby allowed me to weave my way into everyone’s celebrations and happiness all week long.’ She threw herself into experimenting with different techniques, flavours, and soon baking became a source of happiness for Louie herself, who left her marketing gig to work at a London bakery for 18 months.

By the end of 2021, Louie moved back to Melbourne and officially launched her eponymous business Digby Cakes, which has grown faster than she ever expected.

Her team of three is now based out of an appointment-only shopfront in Carlton.

Some of her signature offerings include vintage-style cakes, quirky shag cakes with piping that resembles psychedelic ’70s rugs, and anything with buttercream flowers. ‘The thought, detail and labour that goes into a handmade custom cake is a gift of love,’ she adds.

This month, Digby Cakes has created a special range of cookies, cupcakes and cakes that will raise funds for Cancer Council through Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea on May 23. A portion of proceeds from each delicious treat will be donated to Cancer Council, but Louie hopes it also inspires others to register to host their own get-togethers and raise money for vital cancer research.

It’s a cause she feels strongly about, and just one of the ways she’s honouring Nick in her life.

‘I always said to him: “I’ll never get over it, but one day I’ll have to get on with it,” and that’s what I’m doing. And I do that every day, inspired by him.’

Below, she takes us through her typical ‘day’:

First Thing

I wake up about 6-6:30 ish most morning. Unfortunately, the first thing I do is check my phone, but I do consider myself a morning person! It’s the way I’ve always been. I like to go for a walk with my partner and grab a coffee before we both head off to work. This ritual is so important to me as I often work six days, and sometimes this time is like my ‘weekend’.


The Carlton studio is only 10 minutes drive  from my place in Richmond, so I usually get to work at 7:30 or 8am (depending on whether I stop for coffee along the way!).

My first task is always to check the calendar to see the orders going out for that day, there is truly nothing more stressful than a forgotten cake. It’s only happened once (and we’re only human) but it’s something a cake maker will NEVER forget!


I’ve been making an effort in the past six months to make sure I sit down and do something other than work for about 20 minutes every lunchtime to break up the day. I usually take my lunch and sit outside on the brick steps to eat. A bit of fresh air and sunshine do a world of good for a fast-paced environment! In the early days I didn’t stop, ever and it’s just not good for your health, physical or mental!


Usually we break the day into ‘pre-lunch’ and ‘post lunch’. The morning involves more prep and the afternoon involves more decorating and finishing. And then of course cleaning! So much cleaning. I usually have an energy lull at lunch time and then I psych myself up for the rest of  the day. A slow afternoon means a late finish and no one wants that!


What time I finish for the day really depends what I have on. With a rollercoaster cake schedule I’ve learnt to take the time when I can get it, so if an early finish can be done at 2pm on a Tuesday I’ll absolutely take it. Because on the flip side, I’ve been known to work around the clock, all-week long.

My partner and I love a home-cooked dinner and often turn to Julia Busuttil Nishimura and Yotam Ottolenghi for inspiration. We’re also very partial to steak and veggies on the barbecue.

To switch off, once a week we try to cook something we’ve never made before together — and I’m not allowed on my phone. Or to clear my head I go for a run. Meanwhile on the weekends, I love setting aside time to see family, in particular my niece and nephew! Nothing brings you back down to earth like kids do.

Last Thing

I usually to sleep around 10pm, depending on how good the show we’re watching is! I’m almost too good at pushing myself when I’m exhausted and I probably need to take more time for myself. Small business problems!

Right now I’m listening to, watching, and reading… I’m always listening to The Imperfects. I’m watching The Gentlemen. and I’m reading Natalie Paul’s new Beatrix Bakes Another Slice — cook books are my novels.

I get my best work done when… I’m under time pressure or I want to impress.

A philosophy I live and work by is My community is my family.

Find out more about Digby Cakes here, and learn how you can support Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea here.

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