A Redesigned Extension With Nostalgic Allure

Poorly designed extensions attached to older homes are often demolished and replaced by entirely new structures, but this home in Shenton Park, Perth showcases an alternative solution.

In this project, the existing 78 square metre extension was reconfigured without altering the exterior envelope.

It was Within Studio’s job to make the same space work harder and inject much needed light and character into the space.

‘The size of the project served as a driving force for creativity and innovation, pushing us to reimagine traditional design paradigms and devise inventive solutions to optimise space, functionality, and aesthetic appeal,’ says Sarah Coghlan, creative director of Within Studio.

The reworked extension features the same rooms (living, dining, kitchen, laundry, bathroom, powder room, and study), but in a more free flowing configuration that embraces the backyard. The kitchen in particular was opened up to benefit from this west-facing aspect and overlook the living and dining areas opposite.

Understanding the pivotal role that gaining additional natural light would play in improving the feel of the home, Within Studio introduced a new feature skylight over the kitchen and strategically positioned double glazed windows to the living room.

‘This not only amplifies the perceived spaciousness of the interiors but also cultivates a healthier and more uplifting living environment,’ says Sarah.

Wasted space was meanwhile removed, allowing easier access into the laundry alongside a much larger bathroom and a new walk-in pantry.

To design the interiors, Within Studio drew inspiration from the family’s passions and personality, infusing the spaces with bold hues, organic textures, and curated accents for a visually fun yet harmonious ambiance.

The green quartzite kitchen is the focal point, complemented by timbers, leathers, and metals chosen for their ability to mature and develop a rich patina and story over time.

‘This deliberate choice reflects the desire to imbue the space with a sense of history and character, mirroring the lived experience of the family and the evolving nature of the home,’ says Sarah.

Nods to the original rooms in the bullnose stone edges and curved stone console create a space that marries contemporary design with nostalgic allure.

‘From the bold colors and eclectic textures to the carefully selected accents and personalised details, every element speaks to their unique identity and brings them joy,’ says Sarah.

The renovation has facilitated a home that not only fulfils the family’s important practical needs, but serves as a source of daily inspiration and rejuvenation.

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