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Audi Q6 E-tron range tops out with hot £93k SQ6

Audi Q6 E-tron: Production and pricing

Audi Q6 E-tron rear quarter tracking

The Q6 E-tron will be the first electric model built at Audi’s main Ingolstadt factory, where it will be integrated into existing production lines alongside combustion-engined models.

The batteries will be built in a new battery assembly plant at Ingolstadt, which can produce around 1000 units per day and features a high level of automation. The bodywork is also manufactured on site, while the electric motors will be built at Audi’s plant in Gyor, Hungary.

The Q6 e-tron will be priced from £59,975 in the UK, with the SQ6 starting from £92,950.

Audi is also simplifying the range for the model, with fewer single options and a handful of option packs for buyers to choose from.

Q&A: Frank Lamberty, exterior design chief, Audi

How do you approach designing a car on a new platform?

“I’m not a technician: they give me a platform… I realised from the beginning it’s a good platform for design, which is the reason I wanted to work on this car. It gives lots of potential to work from.”

Do you have to balance the new technology with a design that will be familiar to customers?

“We have a clear strategy for our E-tron models, which we respect – but you also have to do the next step. Looking inside, I see it really as ‘step, step, step’. You can’t jump too far into the future because you have to respect what you have already. Right now, we have two columns for our ICE and EV cars, and we’re building up each one. So you have to do the right step at the right time.”

So are you using electric models to build new design traditions?

“There will be a time when Audi just has E-trons. We’re in a time of transformation and you have to find a balance. In 15 years, when we just have E-trons, there could be a different design language, but until then we have to respect where we are.”

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