Beyoncé Rides The Public Bus In a Denim on Denim Extravaganza

Beyoncé meant business when she crooned about “Denim on denim, on denim, on denim” half way through her Cowboy Carter song “Levii’s Jeans.” Because, today, the musician showed off a look that went all in on the humble fabric with one of fashion girls’s favorite footwear trends: jean boots.

Beyoncé shared a series of photos to her Instagram from a recent trip to Tokyo in which she sported a blue monochrome look styled by Shiona Turini. She kicked things off with a trio of pieces—a sheer top, denim hot pants, and shaggy overcoat—from the New York brand Lapointe’s fall 2024 collection. Her garments had an almost icy Cowboy Carter feel, only to be taken up a notch with some very on theme stylings. She accessorized her cut-off shorts with a statement belt and wore a black bolo tie around her neck. Denim has been a go-to for country music stars for decades now. But here, Beyoncé approached the textile by shortening the silhouette, cloaking herself with a statement fur, and slipping into some very on-trend boots. She wore a pair of thigh-high jean boots—or Joots, as the kids call them—from Amina Muaddi. Similar styles have been championed by the likes of Tyla and Rihanna, but Beyoncé’s pair proved to be the perfect finish to her monochrome outfit.

Beyoncé also posed with a metallic Petite Malle mini bag from Louis Vuitton and styled her hair in a bouffant updo that she accented with shimmery blue eyeshadow. Also, yes, that’s Beyoncé serving on a public bus.

Between Renaissance and Cowboy Carter, Beyoncé has been all about theme dressing in recent months. She’s been treating her wardrobe to a hefty dose of Western wear, usually, with some sort of unexpected twist or off-the-runway piece. Just last week, she went full “Mother Trucker” in a fringe-sleeve jacket and leather pants. There’s also been more toned down moments, like a supple Ferragamo outfit, as well as experimental looks like a lace-up mini dress and a “Jolene” mini bag. So far, aside from a brief appearance at the iHeart Radio Awards, Beyoncé has reserved her Cowboy Carter fashion for her Instagram feed. When she does take Cowboy Carter to the red carpet, however, maybe we can expect a little “Denim on denim, on denim, on denim.”

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