Cate Blanchett & Nina Hoss's 'Tár' Reunion Was a Double Denim Affair

Cate Blanchett has worn denim frocks everywhere from movie screenings to Milan Fashion Week, so why would last night’s Tàr reunion be any different? Yesterday, the Oscar winner reunited with her co-star Nina Hoss for a night out in London.

The actors attended an event following the debut of Benedict Andrews’s production of the 1904 Anton Chekhov play, The Cherry Orchard. Hoss, who played Blanchett’s suffering wife in Tàr, stars alongside Adeel Akhtar in the project which recounts the story of downtrodden Russian aristocrats. Naturally, Blanchett showed support for the German actress while wearing a look that would make Lydia Tàr rather proud. Blanchett’s denim jacket, which she buttoned up to the collar, featured a dark wash fabric and panels of navy fabric. The actress paired her coat with a pair of matching, loose-fitting jeans. From there, Blanchett rounded out her look with black puddle boots, a casual hair style, and a pair of her signature rounded eyeglasses. Hoss, for her part, stayed simple in a black coat, dress pants, and pointed-toe shoes.

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In the Best Picture-nominated psychodrama Tàr, Blanchett played the titular role of an expert composer (and expert liar) who spirals out of control after she’s forced to resign from her posts at Julliard and the Berlin orchestra. Hoss starred opposite Blanchett’s Lydia as Sharon, the orchestra’s concertmaster and wife, who eventually bars her from seeing their adopted daughter, Petra. Both actresses received widespread acclaim for their performances with Blanchett earning Golden Globe, Critics’ Choice, and BAFTA Awards as well as a Best Actress nod at the Oscars.

“It’s a very deep relationship,” Blanchett told IndieWire of her time on set with Hoss, adding “We spend a lot of time in orbit of one another.” Hoss continued, “We shot more scenes that you can find in the film because they don’t belong there. But we have them. We experienced certain family scenes. There was another big chunk of the story that didn’t make it into the film which was very informative for Cate and myself about where these two are.”

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