Ferrari purosangue

Ferrari Purosangue, the first four-door Ferrari Purosangue car, is not an SUV

Ferrari unveiled the world’s first four-door production car. It features a long hood with a gasoline engine. A single large area behind it houses four seats and plenty of cargo space. It is also a four-wheel drive vehicle. Ferrari insists that it’s not a “Sport Utility Vehicle” because of its racing and sporting history.

Although the Ferrari Purosangue is Italian for “pure blood”, it looks more like a crossover SUV, but Ferrari doesn’t call it that. The Purosangue is called a “car” by Ferrari and its engineering contrasts with typical SUVs. Ferrari claims that the Purosangue’s large engine (715 horsepower V12) is more weight balanced than similar vehicles.

Ferrari has produced four-seat cars in the past, but its regular production cars were two-door models. The back seats are better suited to occasional use than long journeys and are more suitable for short trips. The Purosangue features four fully adjustable, full-sized seats. This is a first for any Ferrari model. The front seats and back are heated. There is also a massage function on the front seats. Ferrari offers a special darkening full-length glass roof as an option. A second screen is available for front passengers “that provides all information necessary to participate in the driving experience.”

A cup holder is also available in glass. Ferrari claims that it can replace the standard carpet and leather interior trim with a bullet-proof, bullet-resistant fabric similar to military uniforms.

The car’s body is kept under control by an “active suspension system”. This helps with fast cornering. The roof is made of carbon fiber to lower the vehicle’s weight. This should reduce side-to-side rolling in turns. Aluminum is used in large parts of the body’s lower sections. The car has a high ride height for a Ferrari, but the seats are very close to the ground to preserve the brand’s low-slung driving experience.

The Purosangue does not have a rear windshield wiper like other similar vehicles. Instead, it relies on airflow to clean the back windows. The narrow headlights of the car have air intakes both above and below.

The company stated that it will offer customers the kind of driving experience they expect. According to Ferrari, it will be capable of launching from a stop to 60 MPH in just three seconds. According to Ferrari, the engine produces as much power at low speeds as possible. The engine has an 8-speed automatic transmission and two clutches for quick gear changes.

Although Ferrari doesn’t call this an SUV it is available from virtually all premium luxury brands, including Lamborghini, Bentley, and Aston Martin. This vehicle is essential to compete in this market, especially in countries like China where sports cars are less popular.

Ferrari claims that the first Purosangues will arrive in the USA around the end of 2023. Expect prices to start around $400,000.

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