Field Trip Reflection Sheet (Free Printable)

Field trips are amazing! They give kids the chance to explore a new place, learn more about specific topics, talk to experts, and see demonstrations and examples you just can’t do at school. Whether you’re taking a field trip to a local library or zoo or you’re participating in a virtual field trip to a space center or aquarium, you’ll want the field trip to be a pivotal learning experience. That’s where our Field Trip Reflection Sheet comes in.

The impact field trips have on students often has to do with how they engage with the information they learn. Incorporating a field trip reflection worksheet helps students focus on what’s important to them and what it means for their learning and life. Get the free Field Trip Reflection Worksheet by simply filling out the form on this page.

What kind of reflection sheets are in the bundle?

You’ll find two field trip reflection sheets, one for elementary schoolers and one for middle and high schoolers. Each reflection sheet works for either in-person or virtual field trips.

Elementary School Field Trip Reflection Sheet

Printable field trip reflection sheet for elementary school.
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Elementary schoolers can identify where they are going and what they are going to learn about before they head out of the building or log in to the field trip. Then, during the field trip, students record observations and information they learn. After the trip, students choose one response as a reflection to help consolidate their learning.

Middle and High School Field Trip Reflection Sheet

Printable field trip reflection sheet for middle and high school.
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Before the trip, older students activate background knowledge so they’re primed to connect new information with what they already know. Once on the trip, they record observations and information. After the trip, students can choose a question or answer a teacher-directed question to consolidate what they learned.

What are some field trip reflection questions?

Here are ideas for field trip reflection questions that you can incorporate into the Field Trip Reflection Sheet:

  • What was the most important thing you learned on today’s field trip?
  • What should someone else know about this topic?
  • What was your favorite part of this field trip?
  • Who else would enjoy this field trip and why?
  • How does the information you learned on today’s field trip connect with what you already knew?
  • What is one way that the information you learned today confirms what you already knew? What is one way that it challenged what you already knew?
  • In five years, what will you remember from this field trip?

Use the Field Trip Reflection Worksheet as a way to keep students focused. You can also use it as an exit ticket or assessment after the trip. This is especially helpful for field trips that require parent chaperones as you can see what students were doing during the trip and provide some accountability for students’ learning.

Get your free Field Trip Reflection Sheet printable!

GIF featuring pages of a printable field trip reflection sheet.
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To get your free printable bundle, just fill out the simple form on this page for instant access.

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