First Princess Polly Store Opens At Westfield Century City

If you live in LA, be prepared. As of 9am EST, Gen Z fans will no doubt descend upon Westfield Century City in Los Angeles, Ca. as Princess Polly opens the doors to its first store.

Well, to be clear, that’s its first own-brand store, because as of March the previously online-only fashion retailer has been available through specialty retailer Pacsun in selected stores its first foray into wholesale.

Princess Polly has started low-key, with 15 Pacsun stores, including its Soho, N.Y. flagship store and three of Pacsun’s newest locations, Fashion Island in Newport Beach, Ca., Fashion Valley in San Diego, Ca. and Lenox Square in Atlanta, Ga., as well as online at

Despite its powerhouse status among Gen Z and its apparently rapid rise after just four years in the U.S., in reality Princess Polly has evolved in stages. It started with a single store in Queensland, Australia in 2005, and only went online in 2010 as founders Wez and Eirin Bryett noted the shift toward e-commerce sales.

In 2018, 50% of the business was acquired by San Francisco-based A.K.A. Brands (at the time called Elevate Brand Partners), which specializes as a brand accelerator.

A rapid rise has followed. Princess Polly captured the imagination of younger consumers through TikTok hauls and was an early adopter of micro-influencers rather than celebrities to endorse its products.

That said, Ariana Grande helped too. In March 2021 the singer shared social media images sporting a pair of $74 Princess Polly jeans. Cue internet madness.

Friends in the right places, and all that.

Princes Polly TikTok Following

With its own TikTok presence registering over 715,000 followers and more than 624 million views thanks in large part to influencers collaborating with the brand and driving engagements with its young audience, the approach has allowed Princess Polly to build massive credibility among its youthful audience.

The newly unveiled 3,370-sq. ft. retail space includes approximately 200 styles at any given time and, says band accelerator A.K.A. Brands Holding Corp., will “foster an immersive and interactive experience that goes well beyond shopping”.

According to the release announcing its opening, the store interior includes digital displays, a media wall, and personalized product recommendations, designed to engage shoppers while also serving as a marketing and content engine.

The store will also host special events such as product launches, meet-and-greets with influencers, and styling workshops, the fashion brand promises.

“Opening our first store in the U.S. is a monumental milestone for Princess Polly,” said Wez Bryett, co-CEO of Princess Polly. “We’re confident the brand will thrive as a physical retailer and we look forward to seeing its growth potential come to fruition.”

He added: “Based on feedback from our loyal customers, Los Angeles is the ideal first location to establish our retail footprint in the U.S., and we’re excited to pair the seamless online Princess Polly experience that American shoppers have grown to love with the convenience of a brick-and-mortar store at Westfield Century City.”

More Princess Polly Stores

Clearly, the partners have plans for more than a single LA store, with Ciaran Long, interim CEO of A.K.A. Brands, adding: “I look forward to watching the brand expand its retail footprint within the U.S. and in new markets across the globe.”

Hm, interesting.

So far, Princess Polly has followed a strategy that has caught just the right vibe with its youthful audience. Comparisons with the phenomenal rise of Chinese Gen Z brand Shein are inevitable, particularly as the latter has just signed a deal which will see shop-in-shops open in Forever 21 stores.

That said, online fashion brands opening stores have a mixed history – take a bow Missguided – but with two of the biggest Gen Z hitters entering the ring, this is perhaps the moment we find out whether what works across social media can truly resonate IRL.

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