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What’s happening? 

-Biden pauses munition shipments to Israel over Rafa operation

-College agitators to be sent to Gaza under new House Bill

-Billionaire’s family financing both Democrat campaigns and anti-Israel protests

Worm in the Membrane

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. claimed in a years-old deposition that doctors told him a parasitic worm had eaten part of his brain before dying in his skull.

Kennedy said he had been experiencing “cognitive problems,” memory loss and brain fog, and feared he was suffering from a brain tumor during a deposition in his 2012 divorce proceedings, the New York Times first reported. RFK’s campaign told the Times he made a full recovery from the brain fog and other symptoms after changing his diet (he also blamed mercury poisoning), and he had no aftereffects from the parasite.

RFK recently reignited his call to debate former President Trump, suggesting “perfect neutral territory” at the upcoming Libertarian Party convention. 

But the Kennedy scion isn’t the only presidential candidate facing questions about cognition. Jon Stewart recently blasted Biden (81) as “so f—ing old” during a comedy set — and pointed out that Trump (77) isn’t much younger. 

“Why are we allowing this?” Stewart asked a Los Angeles crowd at Netflix’s comedy festival on Friday, according to The Hollywood Reporter. “And now we’re going to have a president that’s [one of] the two oldest people that have ever run for the office of the presidency.”

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. speaks at a Cesar Chavez Day event at Union Station on March 30, 2024 in Los Angeles, California. (Mario Tama/Getty Images)

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Campus Chaos

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White House

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Capitol Hill

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Ted Cruz protest

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Across America

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