How To Create An Artful, Modern Moroccan-Inspired Space

Something I’ve noticed about the style in Morocco is the incredible blending of old and new. But not in the usual way of simply putting a vintage piece in the mix with modern items.

Here, it seems more subtle, there’s a seamlessness to the combination that blurs the lines between eras, from which a new, cohesive aesthetic emerges.

It becomes a very personal curation and such a specific reflection of those putting the look together. Below, find my tips on how to get this look started!


There’s a heavy inspiration from the colours you see around Marrakech. Also known as ’The Red or Rose City’, you get these incredible glowing pink tones, especially when that sunset begins to hit and bathes the whole city in warm light.

Dulux Potter’s Pink is so reminiscent of the colour every wall and surface of the city is painted in and Dulux Reddy Brown then adds a depth seen in the ceramics and accents throughout the Medina. What you get from these colours is a soft, warm neutral that is a perfect backdrop for layering different hues and textures. It almost fades into the background but provides a great base and depth of tone.


The key here is that mix of old and new styles. Clean lines and sculptural items help emphasise shape and allow the materiality of the pieces to shine. By combining classic shapes with modern silhouettes, you get a great juxtaposition in form. Vintage pieces can really help bring this all together, so don’t be afraid to pull in those quirky finds you can get or may even already have lying around.


A textured rug acts as a great base for this look. From that first step onto a thick wool pile you will be instantly transported to a riad in Marrakech. Whether it’s neutral or colourful, having this soft, textured base helps ground any other textural pieces you might add.

Look to incorporate natural materials. Woven rattan and wicker echo the endless hanging baskets and bags of the souks and are translated into a modern interior through lighting and details.


Break the rules when it comes to layering. Play with patterned fabric and mix with different materials you may not normally use together — leathers sitting next to velvets, for example.

The way to make it feel cohesive is by keeping things tonal. Use warm hues against a warm backdrop and everything will gel together — despite the variety of textures, materials and shapes.

Finishing touches

This is where that unique artisan personality can really finish off the space. Rustic ceramics and hand painted items really bring that bespoke touch, balancing some of the cleaner lined furniture pieces. A wobbly vase or handmade item will add that personal, lived in quality to the overall scheme.

This look is about creating something interesting — a layered space that tells a story of travel, adventure and experience.

Additional moodboard credits: (from left) ‘Athene’ tiled artwork by LRNCE. Striped paper tray in mustard from Pan After. ‘CY’ pillowcase by LRNCE. 

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