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How to Have the Best Night’s Sleep Without Melatonin


There’s a magical wonder fluid that promotes physical and emotional health—and it doesn’t come in a bottle, a tea, or with a prescription pill. We’re talking about the naturally occurring, essential liquid that emerges during deep sleep: cerebrospinal fluid, or CSF, which washes in and out of the brain and spine to rid your body of waste metabolites. Waste metabolites are, in a word, the trash—clutter clouding your brain the next day with anxiety, emotional stress, and even the overthinking that comes after cracking an offensive joke out loud. This essential cleaning step is even more thorough when one has plenty of sleep, ensuring a clear head and a restful body—further proof that your sleep routine is just as important as your beauty routine, and the two are, in fact, interrelated.

Sleep scientists, or somnologists, maintain that in order to have a good night’s sleep, a cold and dark room is paramount, in addition to a hot bath and some form of calming, regular ritual to wind down. It’s also essential, no matter how much we resist, to stop all screen time at least half an hour before bedtime.

That’s easier said than done, especially during spring, when it’s much more difficult to not only set a regular schedule, but also fall into a deep sleep: the sun is out longer, there is more heat in the air, not to mention more sugar-laden glasses of rosé disturbing your REM cycle. Below, we’ve gathered a list of some of the best products and modalities to help your sleep quality at night—because rest is the most underrated aspect of your sanity and, frankly, your vanity.

Charlotte’s Web’s newest launch has become our favorite go-to for blissful, restful sleep. The blend of ingredients here harnesses the potency of CBN isolate. Unlike CBD, CBN cooperates with the nervous system to facilitate deeper rest for your body. This recent concoction from the brand is also melatonin-free, vegan, non-GMO, and gluten-free.

Formulated to create the same sense of relaxation you might feel while enjoying a glass of wine, this formula includes immune-supporting elderberry, cardioprotective hawthorn berry, antioxidant-rich bilberry, serotonin-boosting L-theanine, and sleep-inducing California poppy. As an added bonus, the herbal tincture offers none of the bloating or sugar-laden side effects that wine often does.

This is a pleasant, beyond comfortable tool that gets you to sleep faster and deeper. Smart Goggles combines a heavenly infusion of relaxing vibrations, heat, and massage to soothe any facial tension you carry throughout the day and help you relax at bedtime. The device also alleviates any headaches or migraines, as well as mental stress.

Sleep soundly and stress-free knowing your skin is regenerating to supple perfection with this new nightime mask from Laneige. Their newest overnight product will nourish and protect your skin while giving you a radiant glow in the morning. Infused with probiotic lysate, the formulation here not only preserves the skin’s macrobiotic balance, it also aids in skin regeneration.

The Somnee Smart Sleep Headband utilizes sensors to map your brain’s sleep signature. Connect the headband to the Somnee App, which incorporates a safe Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to deliver a personalized, 15-minute gentle forehead stimulation. It helps you fall asleep twice as fast, reducing tossing and turning without reliance on the device.

Utilizing the powerful calming effects of lavender, this nighttime latte is a comforting stress reliever to incorporate into your sleep routine. Additional actives of organic coconut milk powder, coconut sugar, and blue spirulina work with organic ground lavender to keep your body in a calm and rested state.

A perfect supplement to relieve your stressed nerves and muscle tension, these are a wise choice for anyone who’s having trouble catching some z’s. Formulated by clinical nutritionist Jessica Sepel, the product incorporates chamomile, lavender oil, and various magnesium strains to promote relaxation throughout your body.

No pills, no app downloads, and no melatonin nightmares. All you need to do is apply the patch around 15 minutes before bedtime to be eased into a restful state. Jujubee seed, polygala, and sweet cinnamon help relax the body and alleviate the senses naturally, without any side effects.

When taken at night, magnesium has profound calming effects that enhance your sleep experience. However, it’s essential to consume the correct type of magnesium in a bioavailable format. The Sleep Breakthrough features magnesium bisglycinate as its key ingredient for a better night’s sleep, alongside GABA, zinc, and magnolia bark extract. The latter, known for its sedative properties, also alleviates anxiety and stress.

If you’re ready to up your sleep game and kiss your late-night insomnia goodbye, consider this groundbreaking new mattress cover, which vows to get you to sleep faster and for a longer period. Paired with the Eight Sleep app and powered by Autopilot, the intelligence beyond the Pod that personalizes every user’s experience, this product can efficiently regulate temperature on both sides of the mattress, track your heart rate, and tailor temperature adjustments throughout the night to suit your preferences.

Worth. Every. Drop. This body oil, which contains just the right blend of aromatherapy to signal the brain to exert neurotransmitters and calm the mind, is one of the best—and not just because of the decadent application vibes, either. Studies have shown jasmine is a powerful calming agent and relaxes the brain, especially as a sleep aid. The scent helps your brain release more GABA, the chemical that helps relieve stress and promotes relaxation. Soma Ayurvedic utilizes the highest grades of Indian jasmine with ancient Ayurvedic methods to hydrate and nourish the skin—and the mind.

This luxurious, aromatic, guilty pleasure helps set the tone for relaxation time splendidly. From Jo Malone’s latest Night Collection, this mist can be used on your pillows and any other areas of the bedroom to create a more tranquil space. The infusion is a delicate blend of English lavender, night blooming moonflower essence—which helps manage anxiety and stress—bergamot, orange blossom, white mush, and cedarwood.

If you’re going to give yourself self-love, do it with the chicest tool possible. Climaxing helps lower blood pressure, strengthen the immune system, and reduces anxiety and depression, as well as putting you into a serene slumber. This sleek and compact vibrator uses a combination of suction, pressure, and air to stimulate erogenous zones, which helps alleviate stress that can often keep you up at night.

If you can’t possibly live without scrolling on your phone before bed and you still want to preserve your sleep quality, here’s a product that exceeds the usual pair of blue light-blocker glasses. These patented glasses are the only ones that keep out 99.9 percent of all blue and green light, both of which prevent the body from naturally producing the sleep hormone melatonin. You need not rely on melatonin supplements if you can preserve the quality of your own body’s ability to produce it. Best worn at least 30 minutes before you go to sleep.

For centuries, ylang-ylang essence has been integrated into wellness habits to promote relaxation. Studies have also shown that the flower essence helps not only lower cortisol but reduce anxiety and bring on faster sleep. This soothing Molton Brown candle also contains lavender, vanilla, and cedarwood.

This is quite possibly one of the best products Goop has ever launched. Incorporating the revered wisdom of Chinese herbalism and aromatherapy, these cleverly infused bath salts are a sublime treat for you to savor at the end of the day. Valerian root, passionflower, chia seeds, and frankincense combine to quell any noise—be it in your head or from your children.

You don’t have to do more than stick one of Deeps’s Sleep Patches onto your body to help you into the arms of Hypnos. These specialized patches help reduce stress and calm the body and mind. Naturally derived, drug-free, and non habit-forming, this product was developed by a team of somnologists, allergists, dermatologists, and psychiatrists. It utilizes the power of cannabinoids, melatonin, and valerian to bring on restful sleep. To encourage calmness, the patches contain ashwagandha, L-theanine, lemon balm, lavender, and passionflower.

To consume post-bath, or at any point during your wind-down evening schedule. Sakura’s high-grade plant power combination of catnip, valerian root, and passionflower help bring about tranquility to ensure a solid night’s sleep. Additionally, soothing lavender and chamomile flower in the blend assist in calming the central nervous system.

This is by no means just an app for better sleep—it’s also for those who struggle with anxiety or just need to relax. That said, it is especially useful for those of us who need a nightly ritual to unwind. It’s clever because it gives users a personalized approach to self-care with customized features and recommendations including meditation, hypnotherapy sessions, and bedtime stories. The free version offers more than 100 pieces of content, while monthly memberships cost $12.99, and yearly membership are $89.99.

A natural way to improve your sleep through strengthening bio-magnetic fields to reduce stress and boost energy. Stein’s specialized Natural frequency technology helps with anxiety, moods, and the quality of your sleep.

This serene candle inspires visions of soft cotton sheets, cool breezes, and the most blissful rest. Wild lavender, jasmine tea, and purple violet are brewed together to perfectly set the tone for an undisturbed sleep experience.

Not only does one bite put you on your way toward satiating your sweet tooth and promoting a restful sleep, these fragrant chocolate bites contain 15+ whole food-sourced vitamins, minerals, superfoods, and probiotics. It delivers real nutrients with real food vs. isolated synthetic vitamins in pills or gummies. The Sleep Essential Gem Bite can be taken nightly for good sleep, to reduce stress, and support your mood with a blend of valerian root, L-theanine, magnesium, and GABA. Along with cherries, dates, and cacao for a truly tasty treat, the unsweetened cacao in this product is caffeine-free, and contains tryptophan which can put your body into a restful state.

A natural blend of four herbs and GABA (the neurotransmitter that controls nerve cell hyperactivity associated with fear, anxiety, and stress) promote deep sleep. By regulating the body’s neuron and cortisol levels, the Sleep Capsules optimize uninterrupted sleep without causing any morning drowsiness or dependency. Two standout factors in the composition are holy basil, which assists in regulating your cortisol and blood sugar levels; and hops has been shown to increase GABA levels and works toward reducing insomnia and anxiety.

“It’s challenging even for me, when the sun comes up so early and it stays until late,” Cindy Crawford tells W, and we couldn’t agree more. These supplements are one of our favorites for restful sleep, not just for its calming effects, but also because it takes beauty sleep to a whole new level here. When you take one pill 20 minutes before bed, not only are you far more mellow, but over time there are visible results that yield hydrated skin and stronger hair and nails. The clinically proven formulation addresses the signs of aging and wrinkles with a combination of super antioxidant melon extract and specialized doses of biotin and silicone for skin, hair, and nails.

Using precision-targeted mushrooms, this supplement supports the body’s natural production of the GABA neurotransmitters to relax the central nervous system, preparing the brain and body for sleep, while helping to promote long-term cognitive health. Holy basil and passionflower help bring about calm, peaceful sleep without any grogginess upon awakening.

A calming bath that also extolls the virtues of lavender, calming the nerves, and quieting the mind. Cannabinoid extract along with organic oils provide sore muscle relief, so your body is at ease. Additionally available are the flavors rose, eucalyptus, and milk and honey.

This supplement has one of the most advanced options for quality sleep infused with the highest-grade elements. In addition to the sedative powers of valerian root, Passionflower and lavender extract, the formulation is unique due to its inclusion of hops, which assists in raising the serotonin and GABA neurotransmitters in the body. Together, they regulate your body’s circadian rhythms. Purslane, niacin, and vitamins B6 and B12 support the nervous system and optimal beauty sleep.


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