In Season 2 Of Interview With the Vampire, Gothic Horror Goes To Paris

It must be true that love is immortal, because fans of AMC’s Interview With The Vampire have patiently waited more than a year for the next installment of the show to arrive. The first season left viewers on the edge of their seats, surprising them with not one, but two plot twists that ended with the effective dissolution of the twisted trio made up of Lestat de Lioncourt, Louis de Pointe de Lac, and their adopted daughter figure, Claudia.

The second season of this bold, bloody thriller takes us to the streets and stages of Paris. Louis and Claudia are welcomed in to the Théâtre des Vampires, a gory spectacle helmed by coven-leader Armand, in which vampires devour their victims in front of an unassuming audience of humans. The story unravels as Louis and Armand become close — and Claudia gets caught in the middle. With that, here’s what you need to know.

What is Interview With The Vampire about?

Interview With the Vampire, based on the gothic horror novel by author Anne Rice, follows two vampires, Louis and Lestat — plus undead teenager Claudia — in 1940s New Orleans. The story is framed within a modern-day interview between Louis and Daniel Molloy (here played by Eric Bogosian), in which the former recounts his love affair with Lestat, the vampire who turned him. It pairs suspense and romance with the elements of horror and gore one might expect from a show about immortal vampires — and it’s proof that love really can be a wicked thing.

The show’s first season focused on the relationship between Louis, Lestat, and Claudia, which was complicated by both Lestat’s jealousy and Louis’s own devotion to Lestat. As viewers know (season-one spoiler ahead) the finale concluded with Louis saving Lestat from Claudia’s murder plot, while also introducing Armand.

Season two opens with Louis and Claudia departing for an epic adventure in Paris, where they intend to meet the Old World vampires and leave the events of New Orleans behind (a move that, conveniently, puts them closer to Armand). But both father and daughter are haunted by memories of Lestat, who may or may not still be alive — after all, death fades, but love is forever.

Who is in the cast of Interview With the Vampire season two?

While Jacob Anderson returns as Louis, Sam Reid as Lestat, Assad Zaman as Armand, and Eric Bogosian as Daniel Molloy, the biggest change in the cast is the role of Claudia. In season two, British actor Delainey Hayles takes on the part, now a young woman who becomes immersed in the Théâtre des Vampires; she’s replacing Bailey Bass (who announced her departure from the show last year).

Also new to the cast is Ben Daniels, who embodies the role of Santiago, a member of Armand’s Parisian vampire coven who’s vying to take over as leader.

What sets this vampire show apart from the rest?

In a saturated landscape of vampire-related entertainment, Interview With The Vampire stands out from the crowd. With roots in the iconic novel (and subsequent series) by Anne Rice, the show is built on the kind of old school foundation of gothic horror that’s difficult to replicate in today’s world. And in a modern twist on its classic counterpart, Interview With The Vampire explores themes of sexual identity, race, cultural crisis, and more, making the series as topical as it is timeless.

When will season two of Interview With the Vampire be released?

Interview With the Vampire’s second season premieres May 12 on AMC and AMC+. Catch up on the first season now on AMC+.

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