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Leslie Jordan gave his best friends an HGTV home renovation before he died

Beloved actor Leslie Jordan gave his closest friends a home renovation before his death last month.

Jordan surprised two of his closest friends, who he credits with helping him get into Hollywood and stay sober. Jordan, a star with Jonathan Scott and Drew renovators, knocked on Rosemary Alexander’s door to inform his 40-year-old friends that they were getting a major home upgrade.

Jordan is seen laughing as Scotts assigns him to work swinging a sledgehammer into walls to demolish the Scotts’ house. For being able to give his friends something they have always wanted, he becomes overwhelmed with emotion.

The renovation will be shown on “Celebrity IIOU,” HGTV’s show in which celebrities surprise someone special with a home remodel.

The episode will premiere on HGTV on November 14th, and Discovery+ will stream it that day.

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