Mercedes-AMG primes 1000bhp super-SUV as next bespoke EV

But in a departure from that more volume-oriented platform, the AMG.EA architecture has been conceived to accommodate advanced electric motors from Yasa – the Oxfordshire-based company purchased by Mercedes-AMG in 2021.


Yasa’s patented disc-shaped motors, to be produced at volume for the first time at Mercedes-Benz’s Berlin factory in Germany, are claimed to offer significantly higher power and torque density than the more conventional synchronous electric motors used in Mercedes-Benz’s and AMG’s existing electric cars.

Although secrecy surrounds the technical specification of the new electric performance saloon and SUV duo, AMG says the set-up can accommodate a variety of different electric motor layouts.

These include single- and dual-motor rear-wheel drive along with dual-, tri- and quad-motor, four-wheel-drive configurations – the latter similar in principle to that set to feature on the upcoming production version of the Vision EQG, an electric-powered variant of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class, albeit with different hardware.

Not all configurations will be used, though. Sources have told Autocar that the new SUV will receive similar set-ups to the upcoming GT 4-Door EV in the interests of development and production efficiency.

Yasa says the axial flux motor developed for AMG’s new dedicated electric models weighs just 24kg. Each unit develops up to 480bhp and 590lb ft of torque.

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