MG EXE181 concept previews Rimac-baiting electric hypercar

MG has unveiled the EXE181 concept, a futuristic Rimac-baiting electric hypercar, ahead of its public debut at the Beijing motor show.

It is inspired by the EX181 land speed record car driven by Stirling Moss and Phil Hill throughout the late 1950s, which was designed for optimal aerodynamic efficiency.

Similarly, the EXE181 wears as little bodywork as possible, with a smooth-surfaced shell wrapped tightly around a single-seat monocoque. The driver sits inside a prominent central bubble, a reference to the UFO-shaped EX181. The cockpit’s teardrop shape stretches out into a sloping tail fin, capable of raising from the car’s body to act as an airbake when slowing from high speeds.

MG claims a drag coefficient of just 0.181. For reference, the Volkswagen XL1 claimed 0.199, while the McLaren Speedtail is rated at 0.278.

Inside, the EXE181 has a yoke-style steering wheel with a built-in touchscreen, and little else besides.  

MG EXE181 with MG EX181

Interior images suggest the EXE181 has four motors – one per wheel – but MG has yet to detail its powertrain. That it claims a 0-62mph sprint time of just 1.9sec suggests it packs more than 1000bhp, given the Rimac Nevera needs 1887bhp to dispatch the sprint in the same time.

That makes the MG one of the world’s quickest-accelerating cars. Japanese start-up Aspark claims its Owl supercar, packing four motors and 1985bhp, hits 62mph in just 1.72sec.

MG has yet to announce a top speed for the EXE181, but nodded to the original EX181’s recorded top speed of 254.91mph in a post to Chinese social media network Weibo. That suggests it plans for the new car to comfortably beat its forebear. 

It makes its public debut at this week’s Beijing motor show, and is expected to appear at July’s Goodwood Festival of Speed, where MG’s centenary celebrations will take centre stage.

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