Next-generation Citroën C4 to be inspired by radical Oli concept

Citroën CEO Thierry Koskas hailed the platform’s flexibility and confirmed that Citroën would use it to launch larger cars, hinting at plans for a new model between the C3 Aircross and the next-generation C5 Aircross SUV.

“We aren’t at all at the end of the developments that we have on the Smart Car platform,” said Koskas. “There will be more cars based on this.”

Q&A with Thierry Koskas, Citroen CEO

Has Stellantis buying into [Chinese budget EV maker] Leapmotor given Citroën an opportunity to create a more affordable car below the C3?

“There are always opportunities for cooperation, because they have interesting technologies or whatever. But for the time being, we don’t have any project or intention to go below the C3.”

We’re nearing the age of the €20,000 EV. How can makers hit €15,000?

“We still need to have a breakthrough in terms of battery costs. Today we will be able to do a 200km [124- mile] version below €20,000. It’s big progress. But to go below that would mean that we continue to lower the cost of the battery. “You can obviously play with the motor, with equipment, but the battery is 40% of the cost of the car, so it’s huge. This is where you can still make some progress.”

Which developments in battery technology will be important?

“Lithium-iron-phosphate [chemistry] is great, because it enables us to lower the costs a lot, but I still think that there is some opportunity to progress with this technology. “After that, we are also exploring – but it’s not industrialised yet – solid-state technology. I can’t comment on that, because it’s still under research and development, but even with lithium technology, there is still room for progress.”

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