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Philips Flat on Unveiling Mini TEE

Royal Philips (NYSE: PHG) shares crept up above the breakeven point Wednesday, as the Dutch-based company, a global leader in health technology, today announced that its latest TEE transducer, designed to serve more patients with improved overall comfort, has received FDA 510(k) clearance.

Cardiovascular ultrasound has played a key role in the evolution of early diagnosis of structural heart disease, led by a technology pioneered by Philips: the ‘transesophageal echocardiography’ (TEE) ultrasound transducer. TEE helps cardiologists by providing highly detailed images of the heart and its internal structures. In structural heart disease, the quality of a 3D TEE image can help save lives. The clarity and perspective that come with 3D images exceed 2D alternatives.

TEE is also a valuable tool for minimally invasive heart surgeries and procedures, transforming the treatment of damaged heart valves and congenital heart defects.

However, there were some patients who still couldn’t benefit from this advanced technology, including pediatric patients as small as 5 kg, adults at risk of complications, as well as complex cases such as ICU patients, where the transducer probe for 3D TEE was too large. Until now. Announced today, Philips’ new X11-4t Mini 3D TEE transducer is shifting that balance and opening 3D TEE imaging to previously unaddressed patients.

As a pioneer and leading innovator in cardiac ultrasound, Philips has developed the smaller X11- 4t Mini 3D TEE transducer to serve more patients with this valuable imaging tool, from pediatric patients to older adults and everyone in between.

PHG shares acquired but 11 cents to $21.54.

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