Phillip Withers + Fiona Brockhoff Unveil A Uniquely Victorian Garden!

Phillip Withers believes that now, more than ever, we must work with nature and not against it.

This philosophy underpins the design of ‘SaltBush’ — the designer’s latest impressive show garden, currently on display at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show (MIFGS).

Created in collaboration with Withers’ mentor and celebrated designer Fiona Brockhoff, SaltBush is a 250-square-metre garden captures both Victoria’s iconic coastline and inland bush settings, highlighting the importance of landscapes that connect to the local environment.

‘As more than half of the state’s vegetation has been cleared since European settlement and we face the reality of climate change, we want to champion the use of what makes up our local nature for future development and ensure we move forward with a conscience,’ said Phillip. This mindful approach to landscape design impressed the judges at MIFGS – SaltBush tied in first place for the 2024 MIFGS Gold Show Garden Award!

The garden features over 3000 recycled or locally sourced Indigenous plants from across Victoria, focusing on those from the Geelong and Bellarine Peninsula areas. The design encourages actively caring for and connecting and with land, water, flora, and fauna.

Plants in SaltBush include sculptural moonah (Melaleuca lanceolata), grass tree (Xanthorrhoea spp.), silver banksia (Banksia marginata), and yellow buttons (Chrysocephalum apiculatum).

The planted landscape is complemented by a pool, paved seating area around a pizza oven. Post-show, plants and materials will be repurposed on the Bellarine Peninsula.

Designed over two years, the garden was constructed at MIFGS in a mere 11 days, and is on display for just five days, closing this Sunday March 24th.

SaltBush at Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show
Wednesday March 20-Sunday March 24
Garden A47, Royal Exhibition Building & Carlton Gardens

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