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Selena Gomez shares her struggles with mental health in ‘My Mind & Me

The most intimate aspect of “Selena Gomez – My Mind & Me” is when the singer-actor reads out excerpts from her journal that are filled with self-doubt, anxiety, and fear. It’s a service, but it takes six years for the Apple TV+ presentation to make these revelations into a documentary.

Alek Keshishian directed the film. His credits include “Madonna’s Truth or Dare” and Gomez’s 2015 video, “Hands to Myself”. The film clearly shows Alek’s extensive access to the subject. It begins with rehearsals at Los Angeles Sports Arena in preparation for her 2016 tour, before she had to cancel the performance due to panic attacks and anxiety.

“My Mind & Me”, also the title of a new song Gomez released, follows her on a trip to Kenya. She is accompanied by the paparazzi as she answers questions, as well as accompanying her when she visits her neighborhood.

She complains that she feels like a product. Later, she confides to friends that she sometimes finds it difficult to answer the absurd questions she is asked.

Perhaps the most striking aspect of the documentary is Gomez’s advocacy for The Rare Impact Fund, a fund that raises money to support youths with mental health issues and concerns.

The problem is that Gomez’s videos are scattered and almost unrelated to the actual content.

Gomez said, “As great as life, underneath all it was, I was struggling.” This sums up the central point of the documentary and shows that even those who seem to have it all can still be challenged.

It is easy to minimize the courage celebrities have to admit their flaws or fallibility. This exposes a side of Gomez that the public does not always see. This alone makes the message important – an argument that is emphasized by Gomez’s jetsetter life. If it helps one person, then so be it.

Despite Gomez’s resentful feelings about feeling like a product, “My Mind & Me”, despite its title, doesn’t deny the fact that it is leveraging her fame and the product-like aspect of her existence to sell it.

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