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The PlayStation 5 is one of our favorite consoles here at the PopSci Goods testing lab. We love our respective PS5s for their beefy hardware, backward compatibility, and stunning exclusives. Although it’s been four years since the PS5’s debuted, it feels shorter, thanks to mass shortages that made the console almost impossible to get early in its release. Now, however, that shortage is over, according to the company. If you’ve waited for one, consider this the perfect time: You can get a PlayStation 5 console with Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 for just $449 at Amazon.

PlayStation 5 Console – Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Bundle (slim) $449 (Was $559.99)

A PlayStaion5 Spider-Man game and console bundle

The PlayStation 5 is sleek and futuristic, inside and out. Its wedge-shaped chassis fits in all sorts of placements, both horizontal and vertical, and demands to be shown off. Mine personally blends in seamlessly on its side with my modern-style TV stand. Inside, you get a custom CPU, GPU, and 1 TB SSD for lightning speed—I’ve only had to wait a few minutes for a game to update or download, even with my normie basic Wi-Fi.

The controller’s haptic feedback that uses pinpointed vibrations to mimic on-screen action is extremely impressive. Additionally, the adaptive triggers and actuation points add a luxe user experience—even flipping through the radial menus of Baldur’s Gate 3 feels weighty, like your actions truly matter. Plus, it’s fun to see your spells and conditions light the controller up in purple, red, and poisonous lime green. Backward compatibility means you can enjoy old games you’ve purchased via the PlayStation platform on this newer console. I’ve only recently come into my gamer girl status, and I’m glad I can explore the complete dork canon without having to wait for a remastered version for the PS5. You’re itching to use that tax refund for something, right?

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