The Best Orange Blush Was Created by a Lash Extension Brand

I crave convenience and ease in my life. I don’t want to feel constricted by the clothing I wear. I can’t stand the stress of rushing. And I appreciate a breezy, no-fuss approach to beauty that gets the job done well—and quickly. Anything that checks those boxes while offering a pleasant sensory experience tends to pique my interest. So when the Flush Cheek Stick by Lashify Labs came across my desk—the debut makeup product from the popular DIY lash company—I was eager to find out whether it lived up to the label’s good reputation in the realm of lash extension.

Orange as a blush color has become something of a beauty craze, prompting exciting drops from every corner: Violette_FR’s Bisou Blush in Mélanie, Basma’s multipurpose cream blush in Burnt Orange, and even one of TikTok’s favorite cosmetic chemists, Javon Ford, debuted an orange cheek stain earlier this month. A cursory look at the orange blush corner of BeautyTok reveals videos with millions of views that rate the most affordable, the prettiest, and the most versatile versions. The unusual hue’s appeal is its universality: orange can come in a variety of shades, and looks flattering on a rainbow of skin tones. After testing a range of other orange blushes, what makes me reach for Lashify’s rosy-orange Flush Cheek Stick time and again is its flawless glow, lightweight feel, and convenience (jumbo-size blush that’s retractable? Yes please!). Whether I’m doing a major lewk or understated, everyday glam, it’s the best of the bunch.

Lashify’s formula is vegan, and includes a humectant (aka hydrating ingredient) called sodium hyaluronate, which fights dry skin and helps deliver a glowy finish that melts into the skin rather than sitting on top of it. This is key for me—I love an elevated no-makeup look that serves well-rested, well-hydrated, and reasonably dewy. The type of au naturale glow that makes a person think, ohhh I just know she’s drinking her eight glasses of water a day.

I like to apply the gel stick to my cheeks and then add some bronze shimmer in the mix. I also apply the rosy-orange color down the bridge of my nose when I’m feeling a little more dramatic. Do I know what I’m doing? Not really. Does it look fab after applying it? Every time! The formula isn’t super pigmented and instead uses a pH-activated gel formulation to give the appearance of a natural flush that is unique to each person’s skin tone. The product also includes a subtle vanilla scent. For me, that was a fun surprise—but it could be off-putting if you’re not into scented facial products or have sensitivities.

If a product makes it into my beauty rotation, it’s got to help me feel like my best self, not drain me. And whether I’m taking my sweet time in the mirror using a blush brush or blotting with my fingers and applying a quick touch-up on-the-go, I want to enhance my natural look, not feel like I’m running from it. This product does just that, with an option to pump up the drama if I so desire. With summer adventures peeking around the corner, my Flush Cheek Stick will definitely have a place in my beauty drawer (and purse) for the foreseeable future.

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