Joes service center powerball retailer selling bonus

The shop owner who sold the winning Powerball ticket is now a millionaire

After selling the winning Powerball ticket, Joe’s Service Center, Altadena, California’s owner, became a millionaire.

California Lottery officials presented the check at Joe Chahayed’s gas station to his sons Joe Jr., and Danny. It was raining outside.

Chahayed claimed that lottery officials were waiting to meet him when he opened the shop this morning. He recalled that they said, “Congratulations, your station has sent a winner,”

Chahayed hopes that the winner will be from his neighborhood and is happy that a portion of the lottery money will go to California schools. He said that he had 11 grandchildren and needed to share the win with them. Then he thanked the media for their support in celebrating the winnings. I encourage you to purchase a ticket from that station. Chahayed said, “We guarantee that one day you will be winners too.”

Carolyn Becker, the spokesperson for the California Lottery, stated that someone is holding onto a very important piece worth $2.04 trillion. That’s two billion forty million. The person responsible must keep it safe. “Until they come forward, we won’t know their identities. But we do have another record. The California lottery raised more than ever thanks in large part to the growing jackpot for California public schools.” She stated that this is the first time that the California lottery has made a billionaire.

Chahayed arrived in America 42 years ago along with his wife and their two children. Chahayed proudly stated that he works hard seven days a week to raise his children, finish college and buy a house. He also bought a business because he is honest and worked hard.

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