Today’s Wordle #815 Hints, Clues And Answer For Tuesday, September 12th

Tuesday is named after the Norse god Týr who sacrificed his hand to the diabolical wolf Fenrir. He is a lesser-known, more mysterious cousin to other Norse gods like Odin and Thor and Freyja, but may have once been a much more central figure in the Germanic pantheon.

The mere fact that Týr is invoked in the name of the day Tuesday would suggest that he was once a far more important god. Indeed, some scholars believe that Týr—whose name roughly means the god—could have once been the central deity before being usurped by Odin.

It’s impossible to know with such sparse records, but it’s good fodder for stories. Cast Týr as the central god of the Norse and Germanic pantheon. Cast Odin as a devious interloper who uses his tricks and magic to topple him.

In any case, on to the Wordle!

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